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24th May 2005

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Sopwith Triplane

Open Rubber

By Divs Masters

This is the first time I have seen one his models close up - you have to see this model at close quarters to appreciate the skill and effort that has gone into it. Worthy of the high static score it received.


Kitfox Lite


By Laurence Marks

Another nice model that didnít behave on the day on this occasion - but then, how often is that the case?!

Hope I didnít put him off by asking too many questions.

More fine detailing - this time by Peter Smart (correct me if Iím wrong)

A ĎFlitzerí I think! (my journalistic ineptitude shining through again!)


Douglas SBD Dauntless

By Richard Crossley

A beautiful large model with working retracting and lowering undercarriage to take advantage of a 20% bonus offered by the rules. Whilst I do like to see models with single engines and fixed undercarriages, I do think that these bonuses raise the level of these events as a spectacle. For this reason we should further provoke people such as Richard, Peter Smart and the visiting Tonda Alfery

- More please!

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