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24th May 2005

My FF Models

One of my favourites:

The Poppet

Designed by Vic Smeed

This one is electric powered with a KP01 motor. I had to keep it light for the KP01 - ended up at 125g which is light for the model but a little heavy for the motor. A really steady flyer - if only at low altitude!


One on the way:

Pietenpol Air Camper   1/12 scale

Built from a free download plan by David Collins.

Nearing completion - GM120 CO2 powered and looks like being a shade under 90g - loads of wing area for the weight however.

One of my first:

Nova A2 glider

Designed by Jim Baguley

About the earliest model shot I can find (approx.1974).

I think my Dad had a hand in this one as well (he is also a keen modeller).


OD Ebeneezer quickee made for the mass launch at the Old Warden Mayfly 2005

GM63 powered.

Didn’t think it would fly but was pleasantly surprised.

Peanut version of the

Pietenpol Air Camper.

NE14T - Depron foam version

Bostonian Class

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