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24th May 2005

My RC Models


Designed and drawn up by myself.

Looks so much like a Vic Smeed model I credit him with heavy design influence! I have spent that many hours drawing this one up though so itís an Electric Boogaloo!

Originally speed 480 powered through a Mini-Olympus gearbox.  I have upgraded to a Multiplex Permax BL-480/8D brushless motor now which gives excellent power with the right cell/prop combo.

This model really sold me on electric power and has lured me away from my glider roots.


Phase 6

By Chris Foss

I built and flew this in the late eighties just pre children. It lived in my loft for years until its new lease of life in 2003

Flair Sunrise.

This was built my my father.

Strangely I have yet to fly it as a glider - I fitted a power pod with a 600 motor for all its flights so far.

Veron Impala:

My first RC model!

Approx. 1975-76

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